The DJED is a 90-day program that is part of the Navigating Eternity medicine. This group coaching program INcludes access to our accountability commUNITY for our group coaching sessions. You will be able to exchange INsight with other warriors who are on the path to ACTivating their full potential. The commUNITY offers support in the virtual sessions as well as a private virtual space.

What does DJED mean?

The DJED is an ancient symbol from KeMeT (Ancient Egypt) which is the backbone of Ausar. However, many may be familiar with the symbol referred to as the "pillar of Osiris" in the Greek INterpretation. This sacred symbol for the divine masculine was complimentary to the TYET symbol of the divine feminine. While the DJED is a symbol of stability and virility, the TYET symbolized protection and was considered the knot of Aust (the consort of Ausar).

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