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"Navigating eternity is all about flowing with time and energy with the most ease. Before participating, I had been deriving some of the strategies in time management and productivity that I would go on to review in Navigating Eternity but what I was missing was “how do I stay consistent though?” When I got into Navigating Eternity I was able to ground my time management in the spiritual wisdom of African people. I was now aligning myself with the natural energies around me.

Instead of simply trying to force my energy into this new way of being that only took into account my future goals, I aligned myself to the natural cycles of the body, earth, and cosmos allowing me a lot more ease and consistency in achieving those goals. I could not stay consistent because I wasn’t honoring my energy or the greater energies around me and the part they play when I’m present in the PROCESS, not just when I’m focused on my desired results. Most of us have grown up in a societal construction of time, productivity, and goals but what we need in order to achieve MAAT is divine timing, natural timing, and grace.

Aside from the content itself, what I valued the most was the community of Navigating Eternity. I was sitting and talking with real people, with the same drive for a healed Earth and African Collective Consciousness but most importantly with the same challenges as me. The vulnerability of this space took a lot of the self-doubt I held out of the equation and allowed me to get down to the fact of the matter: I want to do the work I’m here to do, so how can I do that effectively and efficiently?

On the deepest level, I was looking for community before Navigating Eternity, knowing that I didn’t have to do this work alone. I got that community and it helped me implement a new way of being that wasn’t possible on my own.”

- Trinity Young, Artist/Musician

"The seed of our spiritual power is reconsidering time. Through trial by fire Ast NfrKa has been able to coagulate nothing short of indigenous ancient medicine for the indefinite and perpetual healing and restoration of humanity.

Repositioning myself and deep perspective within the time framework of my souls eternal mission is the seat of my truest actuality. No program has brought me the gift of true and lasting peace.

Navigating ETERNITY (N.E.) is the final and most imperative tool necessary to restore heal rekindle and inspire. It is a total system. Many times the culture of psychology and or new age spirituality will use the verbiage “do the work” N.E. requires individuals enjoy the journey of their souls while connecting with like minded community deepening and enhancing the connection to each individuals eternity, mission, life vision and purpose. It’s the tapestry of the universe revealed.

This is for the individual that has worked on vision boards and or creative visualization. This is for the person that has been the battery of people around them until they are drained. This is for the person who has worked affirmations and is clear about their energy centers but still has a challenge actualizing life experiences.

The most valuable part of N.E., for me has been utilizing my maps, synthesizing the energy of the day with prioritizing my tasks and making (or submitting to) plans. It is within the flow of deepening my connection with self deepening the knowing of “what it is time to do.” There is an immense amount of grace for self and clarity development of an inner standing of how to respect oneself within this time this is a vital part of N.E.

The second most valued part of N.E. for me has been the consideration of language. It reshaped the last vestiges of my linear mind. I am able to see myself in fullness and in truth. I went from feeling like I was running a task driven relay race- disjointed and ill prepared, to navigating a ship riding the storm or calm seas of my eternal mission. WHAT A RELIEF!!!

There is genuine accountability and support as I have found a soul life partner in this program within myself and within another member of this program. I am eternally grateful that this cultural seed has to come to the fore. "

- Tunu Thom, Founder, Artist Mommy Inc.

"What were you needing to strengthen when I started Navigating Eternity I was needing to strengthen my accountability. I was looking for a community that could support me in my creative pursuits, by providing emotional/spiritual support, and holding me accountable to the goals I set for myself.

Learning directly from Nef made me a better planner. By using the Navigating Eternity system, I've been able to track and manage my activities in a much more organized way. As someone who operates in various roles throughout the year, I found this system to be invaluable in assisting me with keeping a record of all the activities I have on my plate.

The virtual Djed Sessions offered the most value, because we were actively learning, as a community, and it really helped to unlink myself from false time, and plug into eternity. This was perhaps the most empowering aspect of the program - plugging into eternity.

I feel great now! I know that I'm operating in alignment with divinity, and I now have the tools to realize my physical, mental, and spiritual transformation.

Don't miss this opportunity. Nef is a brilliant mind and beautiful spirit, with clear sight. You'll learn a lot, and if your spirits align, being in community with her will definitely help to strengthen and grow you spiritually."

- Omowale Afrika, Founder, Afrikan War College