Intro to KhepeRA Challenge

Nu Moons are the best time to plant new seeds, but they are not the only time to INitiate a change... choose self love and elevation TODAY! Now that you've accepted the challenge, it's time to prep and get things together for the next 28 days of healing the cycles and patterns of behavior that you want to transform and move forward from.

Get yOUR groceries, schedule yOUR calendar and maybe even watch what you love before you unplug. Its as simple as going INSIDE for the clarity you need. Time to shut down the toxic thoughts by shutting out the toxic foods and media. We're RAplacing them with authentic expression and optimal nOURishment of the mind, body and soul.

"FEED THE WARRIOR TO FEED THE SPIRIT" - Spiritual Warrior Declaration

Tip for getting started:

  • Share the #KhepeRaChallenge with your friends, family and followers. Why go at it alone? Having an accountability partner or commUNITY is the best way to stay on track.

Here's the deal:

Today needs to set the foundation.

It's not a "vegan" thing, it's a HOLISTIC HEALING thing.

So it's about optimizing yOUR life. If you're accepting the challenge send us your INtention - what will you gain from this?? When you are clear on this please comment below :)

There are 4 elements to the #KhepeRaChallenge *see 'terms of the challenge' section*

You're accountable for keeping up but we're here for support. Follow the #KhepeRaChallenge hashtag and @tehutimaat via Instagram. Note: If yOUR page is private everyone participating won't be able to see yOUR progression so keep that in mind☀️

Comment any questions :)

– Clean yOUR home
– Meal plan
– Grocery shopping
– Detoxing (Lots of water & lime, juices, fast if you choose)
– Mental prep (Let people know, replace temptations)
– Schedule accordingly

Complete and Continue